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Average Gasoline Prices Rise Since Last Week (04/24/15)

Heading into the fourth weekend of April gasoline prices in Minnesota and Iowa are higher than they were a week ago.  According to Triple-A, in Minnesota the average price for a gallon of gas...

Mayor Scholtes Heading to State Capitol to Voice Support for Transportation Bill

One of the final pieces of legislation under consideration at the Minnesota State Capitol will fund transportation projects all across the State.  Blue Earth Mayor Rick Scholtes said that he will...

Minnesota Farmers Making Strides in Planting (04/21/15)

Minnesota Farmers have made early strides in planting small grains, thanks to good weather.
According to the USDA farmers in Minnesota were able to plant over one third of the expected...

Iowa Farmers Saw Productive Week According to USDA (04/21/15)

Last week was a productive planting week for Iowa Farmers.  According to the USDA there were 4.4 days rated suitable for field work and farmers took advantage of the good weather and were...

Area Residents to Receive Survey About Private School in Winnebago (04/21/15)

Area residents can expect to receive a survey in the mail over the next few days to measure the interest in establishing a private school in Winnebago.  The Winnebago Education Task Force...
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