KBEW Spring Broadcast Schedule 2024


(Schedule subject to change – All games on 1560AM)


TUE    2ND      SB       NRHEG AT BEA                                                                    5pm

THU    4TH       BB       USC AT MAPLE RIVER                                                       4:30pm

MON   8TH       SB       BEA AT GHEC/ML-TRUMAN                                             4:30pm

TUE    9TH       SB       MAPLE RIVER AT BEA                                                       4:30m

THU    11TH     BB       BEA AT FAIRMONT                                                             5:30pm

FRI      12TH     BB       USC AT GE/AC                                                                      4:30pm

MON   15TH     SB       MARTIN CO. WEST AT USC                                               4:30pm

TUE    16TH     BB       WINDOM AT BEA                                                                5:30pm

THU    18TH     BB       RANDOLPH AT USC                                                            4:30pm

FRI      19TH     SB       USC AT GHEC/ML-TRUMAN                                             4:30pm

TUE    23RD    BB       BEA AT ST. JAMES                                                               5:30pm

THU    25TH     SB       W-E-M AT USC                                                                      4:30pm

MON   29TH     BB       LYLE-PACELLI AT USC                                                       4:30pm


THU    2ND      BB       USC AT BLOOMING PRAIRIE                                            4:30pm

FRI      3RD      SB       PIPESTONE AT BEA (Game 1 of DH)                                 4pm

MON   6TH       BB       BEA AT MAPLE RIVER                                                       4:30pm

TUE    7TH       SB       USC AT NRHEG                                                                    4:30pm

THU    9TH       BB       GHEC/ML-TRUMAN AT BEA                                             4:30pm

FRI      10TH     SB       MADELIA AT USC                                                                4:30pm

MON   13TH     SB       J-W-P AT USC                                                                        4:30pm

TUE    14TH     BB       USC AT GHEC/ML-TRUMAN                                             4:30pm

THU    16TH     BB       MARTIN CO. WEST AT BEA                                               4:30pm