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Minnesota Not on Track to Meet EPA Reduction Rules (11/21/14)

State Officials say Minnesota is not on track to meet federal reductions aimed at addressing climate change.  That’s despite Minnesota’s renewable energy standard and new solar law...

North Union Education Week Program 11/20/14

If you missed the North Union Education Week Interviews we did on Thursday 11/20/14, you can hear the entire program right here.
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Minnesota's Job Growth Strongest Since 1990 (11/20/14)

Minnesota’s Unemployment Rate has fallen below 4 percent.  State Officials released figures that show 3.9 percent of Minnesotans were unemployed in October, the lowest rate since June...

Maple River Education Week Program 11/19/14

If you missed the Maple River Education Week Interviews we did on Wednesday 11/19/14, you can hear the entire program right here....
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Fblt Co. Commissioners Approve Feasibilty Study on County Buildings (11/19/14)

On Tuesday the Faribault County Board of Commissioners approved a feasibility study on safety and security, office space needs and building code requirements at county buildings...

USC Education Week Program 11/18/14

If you missed the United South Central Education Week Interviews we did on Tuesday 11/18/14, you can hear the entire program right here.
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Despite Snow MN Farmers Advance Harvest (11/18/14)

According to the USDA despite a winter storm and cold temperatures, Minnesota Farmers used 2.7 days suitable for fieldwork to advance corn and sunflower harvests during the week...

Rep. Gunther and Cornish Named Chairmen of Two House Committees (11/18/14)

State Representatives Bob Gunther and Tony Cornish have been named chairmen of two House Committees for the 2015-2016 Minnesota Legislative Sessions.  Gunther will chair the Greater...

B.E. Council Receives Options for Street Reconstruction (11/18/14)

Monday night the Blue Earth City Engineer Wes Brown presented a preliminary report to the City Council for the reconstruction of a portion of 21st Street.  Mayor Rick Scholtes said there...

BEA Education Week Program 11/17/14

If you missed the Blue Earth Area Education Week Interviews we did on Monday 11/17/14, you can hear the entire program right here.
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Singleteary Facing Lawsuits Over Unpaid Loans (11/17/14)

A Mankato businessman and his food company are facing three lawsuits over unpaid loans. Stephen Singleteary and Singleteary Food Solutions tried in 2010 to reopen a food processing...

Iowa's Jail Inspector Thinks Third Attempt at New Winnebago County Jail is Worth

Iowa’s State Jail Inspector thinks Winnebago County should try a third time to persuade voters to approve building a new jail.  Even though voters have rejected a jail bond issue twice in the...

Rapid Harvest Progress Continues Thanks to Dry Weather (10/28/14)

The roar of combines filled the air across much of Minnesota as farmers made rapid progress on the corn harvest.  Thanks to good weather last week, the USDA said that the state’s corn...

Law Changes Making Absentee Voting Easier (10/23/14)

Voters can obtain an absentee ballot to vote early in the November 4th general election either in person or by mail without having to cite a legally recognized excuse as required before a 2013 law change.   Secretary of State Mark Richie said...

Strong Harvest Progress Made Due to Dry Weather (10/21/14)

According to the USDA, dry weather across much of the state allowed Minnesota Farmers to make strong harvest progress last week.  Nicky Miranowski, Director of the Faribault County FSA Office said that most of the soybeans in Faribault County have been harvested but slow progress is being made in harvesting corn due to the high moisture content.
Last week there were 6.1 days

ITC Power Line Project to Get Underway Soon (09/04/14)

The ITC Power line installation project is expected to get underway in the next few weeks in Freeborn and Faribault County.  The project is scheduled to start in Freeborn County and will...
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