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Jameson Rodgers jokes he's happy to help out

Jameson Rodgers jokes he's happy to help out "the biggest artist in the format" with his latest #1

Jim Wright/Matthew Berinato

Jameson Rodgers is in quite a good mood this week, as he tops the chart with "Cold Beer Calling My Name," featuring his pal Luke Combs

"It just means a lot that I can help Luke get off the ground as an artist," Jameson jokes. "He's struggling, especially financially. You know, it's good to help his bank account out a little more."

"No, I'm just kidding..." he clarifies. "This would not be the same without Luke on it. Obviously, he's the biggest artist in the format."

Not only are the two label mates, Luke's taken Jameson out on tour multiple times -- and even famously got him drunk onstage once as an end-of-tour prank. But even Jameson can't believe how Luke's career has grown.

"When I asked him to jump on this thing and when he sang on it, this was in 2018..." Jameson recalls. "He was a star then, but I mean, he wasn't like [an] Entertainer-of-the-Year star yet, you know what I mean? So it's just been cool seeing his rocket to the stars over the last three years."

Jameson's also a little in disbelief that this is his second consecutive #1, after "Some Girls" topped the chart in late October of last year.

"It's just weird thinking that I have two number ones as an artist," the Mississippi native admits. "I can remember a time not so long ago when it seemed like having ONE as an artist seemed like a million miles away."

"And so the stars have been aligning for me over the last few years," he reflects, "and [I'm] just super blessed. [I'm] trying not to mess it all up, you know?"

Jameson's already celebrated another major milestone this fall, tying the knot with his wife Sarah in early September.

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Dylan Scott will be

Dylan Scott will be "Livin' My Best Life" on 2022 tour

Courtesy of Live Nation

Dylan Scott is living his best life, as he's set to embark on the Livin' My Best Life Tour early next year.

The headlining tour takes the "My Girl" hit maker across the country, beginning on February 24 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and with stops at the famous Joe's Live in Illinois, the Tabernacle in Atlanta, and at the House of Blues in Boston, Anaheim and Cleveland. The tour concludes on April 29 at The Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland. 

The singer, whose other hits include "Hooked" and "Nobody," recently wrapped up a stint as an opening act on Luke Bryan's Farm Tour, and continues out on the road with the American Idol judge's Proud to Be Right Here Tour.  

"I'm excited to finally headline in front of my fans. Hopefully we've gained a lot of new ones over the past few months while being on tour with Luke," Dylan shares in a statement, adding that newcomer Dylan Marlowe will serve as the opening act. "Ready to live my best life on the 'Livin' My Best Life Tour.'"

Tickets go on sale Friday at 10 a.m. local time. 

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Blake Shelton calls Gwen Stefani his

Blake Shelton calls Gwen Stefani his "better half" in birthday post

Trae Patton/NBC

Over the weekend, Blake Shelton took time out of his day to wish his "better half" a happy birthday. 

On Sunday, Blake's wife, Gwen Stefani, celebrated her 52nd birthday, and he honored the occasion by sharing a beautiful black-and-white photo from their wedding on his Twitter feed. 

"Happy birthday to my better half.. my WIFE!!!! I love you @gwenstefani!" wrote the country star alongside the photo, which shows the couple beaming as they dance at their wedding, the venue adorned with candles and, in the background, guests seated at tables boasting gorgeous candelabras. 

Blake and Gwen wed on July 3 at their property in Blake's native Tishomingo, Oklahoma. The wedding was officiated by The Voice host Carson Daly

Musically, the couple has sent two duets to the top of the country charts, "Nobody but You" and "Happy Anywhere."

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Luke Combs offers teaser of romantic song,

Luke Combs offers teaser of romantic song, "The Kind of Love We Make"

Connie Chronuk/ABC

Luke Combs brings the romance in the unreleased song, "The Kind of Love We Make."

The superstar sent fans into a frenzy when he shared a video of him and some of the co-writers performing the song acoustically, while sitting on a sofa. Luke leads the way on the song that finds a couple cancelling their plans for a romantic night in that includes candles and music. 

"The way your body's movin'/Keep doing what you're doing/To me all night long/Writin' our love song/Girl I'm only trying to have you/Let the passion take us to a higher place/Making the kind of love we make," Luke sings.

"You can’t make a bad song I swear," one fan praises, while another urges, "How fast can I get a recording of the full song? I crazy love it!!!" 

"The Kind of Love We Make" is one of many songs Luke says he has penned over the past year and a half. He's sharing the track as his current single, "Cold As You," climbs the charts.

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Jason Aldean slams California's vaccine mandate:

Jason Aldean slams California's vaccine mandate: "You gotta be kidding me!"

ABC/Eric McCandless

Jason Aldean is lashing out against California Governor Gavin Newsom's recent vaccine mandate, which requires school children to be vaccinated against COVID-19 before attending in-person learning.

"So let me get this straight! It is no longer our decisions as parents (or free Americans) to make decisions about our kids, Gavin Newsom makes those decisions for us now," said Aldean in an Instagram post on Sunday. "You gotta be kidding me!"

The 44-year-old "Dirt Road Anthem" singer continued, "People in California should be outraged and people everywhere else better start standing up and speaking out NOW. This is not how America and being free works."

While Aldean garnered the support of celebrities such as Candace OwensJon PardiGavin Degraw and Parker McCollum, others have challenged the singer about schools mandating vaccinations against other highly contagious illnesses, such as polio and chickenpox.

Last Friday, California became the first state in the nation to require children between the ages of 12 and 17 be vaccinated against COVID-19, pending full FDA approval, before they can attend schools for in-person learning.

Americans aged 12 and up are already eligible for the Pfizer vaccine under an emergency use authorization. Full approval, which is a longer process, has been granted by the FDA for those over 16.

Newsom made the announcement as the nation surpassed 700,000 COVID-19-related deaths, which is more than Vermont's entire population, according to census data.

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"I was born to do this": Thomas Rhett reflects on return to touring

Connie Chronuk/ABC

Thomas Rhett is counting his blessings in the form of a song. 

Since kicking off his Center Point Road Tour in May, Thomas has been soaking in each moment of his fourth headlining trek, especially after being off the road for more than a year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"It feels so good, it's just been a blast. When you're forced out of it, it makes you sit back and you go 'I was born to do this,'" he tells Entertainment Tonightadding "every single song that we get to sing is a blessing this year." 

This marks TR's 11th year out on the road as a touring act. He says the time away from the stage during the pandemic gave him a new appreciation for the impact its had on his life.

"This year, we've gotten back out, me and the band just have a different appreciation for each other, a different appreciation for our musicality, the way that we're singing, the way that we're performing, really trying to just bring as much energy as we ever have this year," he says. "And we walk off stage every night with giant smiles on our faces, wishing that it wasn't over."

The Center Point Road Tour wraps up on Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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"Cold Beer Calling My Name": Jameson Rodgers and Luke Combs toast to #1

Columbia Nashville/River House Artists

Jameson Rodgers has a "Cold Beer Calling My Name" at the top of the country charts.  

Jameson's hit collaboration with Luke Combs ascends to #1 on country radio this week. It serves as Jameson's second #1 hit after his 2019 debut single, "Some Girls," and follows Luke's 11 consecutive chart-toppers as a solo artist.

"The only thing better than writing a #1 song is writing a #1 song with your friends. Proud of this song and proud of this crew," Jameson writes in a celebratory post, posing alongside co-writers Brett Tyler, Alysa Vanderheym and Hunter Phelps, each with a beer in hand. "Can’t believe we get to do this for a living. There’s a cold beer calling our name this weekend," he adds.

"Cold Beer" is the second single from the Mississippi native's newly released debut album, Bet You're from a Small Town.

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Kacey Musgraves gets vulnerable, and naked, in 'Saturday Night Live' performance

Kacey Musgraves gets vulnerable, and naked, in 'Saturday Night Live' performance

Will Heath/NBC

Kacey Musgraves bared all in her Saturday Night Live performance.

In the episode hosted by Owen Wilson, the Grammy winning singer shared star-crossed with the world, opening her two-song set with a body- and soul-baring moment poised as she performed "justified" on a stool with a guitar, wearing boots and seemingly nothing else.

The moment was similar to the famous scene in Forrest Gump when Jenny, played by Robin Wright, performs nude with only her guitar covering her.

For "camera roll," Kacey changed into jeans and a flannel shirt. Sitting at a table alone with rotating images of strangers sitting across from her as she performed, she made her way to the center of the stage barefoot, singing of the "torture" of scrolling through old photos of a past relationship.

This marks the singer's second SNL appearance following her 2018 debut appearance after the release of Golden Hour.

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Jimmie Allen's 'Dancing with the Stars' plea:

Jimmie Allen's 'Dancing with the Stars' plea: "I need country music to hold me down!"

ABC/Eric McCandless

Things are about to get "Outrageous" for Jimmie Allen tonight on Dancing with the Stars

That's the song he and partner Emma Slater will be doing the Salsa to during the show's Britney Night, in a tip of the hat to pop star Britney Spears.

And if the typically jacked Jimmie is looking a little thinner to you -- well, he admits that's because he's working so hard.

"My partner Emma's been kicking my butt, bro!" he tells ABC Audio. "I've trimmed down, I went from 221 to 214."

"I'm trying to get back, I'm trying to get back to like 250!" he jokes.

Meanwhile, the "Freedom Was a Highway" hitmaker's still balancing family life and touring with Brad Paisley.

"It's tough! I tell you, that man," he admits. "You know, trying to do this show while touring, you know, and trying to be a husband and a father at the same time. It's pretty intense, but I love it."

Jimmie survived the first elimination, while improving on his standing from the previous week. So if he can just hold on, he promises there's plenty ahead worth watching.

"If I don't get voted off the show, which I hope not, so I need country music to hold me down!" he proclaims. "I think we got, you know, Disney week, you know, one week, of course, they always do that, and they have some sort of celebrity week."

"So I'm looking forward just, you know, every week getting better and, you know, learning new stuff, trying new stuff," he says.

Tune in to see how Jimmie fares tonight, as the new episode of Dancing with the Stars starts at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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Carly Pearce uncovered a hidden gem with

Carly Pearce uncovered a hidden gem with "Diamondback"

Larry McCormack/ABC

Carly Pearce is sharing the story behind "Diamondback," the lead single from her just-released 29: Written in Stone project. Written by Carly, along with Shane McAnallyKelsea Ballerini and Tofer Brown, the song took on an entirely new meaning once Carly decided to record it.

"I was brought in on an idea that Shane McAnally actually had," Carly says in a video shared on YouTube. "He said 'I want to write a song called 'Diamondback.'' I think initially he wanted to write it like a Diamondback snake, and then they threw me in the mix, and it became a little different."

Carly was almost finished with her record when she decided to include "Diamondback" on the project.

"It came at the end of the writing of 29," Carly recalls. "I think it may have actually been the last song, and it felt kind of like this little gem that none of us knew we needed, but it felt right for the project. To me, it's reminiscent of The Chicks, when Natalie Maines was just fiery and going for it."


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Thomas Rhett passes on love of music to daughter Willa Gray

Thomas Rhett passes on love of music to daughter Willa Gray

Thomas Rhett, center, with daughters Lennon Love, left, and Willa Gray; Disney

At least one of Thomas Rhett's daughters seems interested in following in her father's footsteps. Thomas and Lauren Akins' oldest daughter, five-year-old Willa Gray, is already joining her father in the studio, and seems to have a natural knack for all things musical.

"Every time I go to my studio, she just watches me walk downstairs," Thomas tells Entertainment Tonight. "She was like, 'Are you going to your studio? 'I'm like, 'Yeah, you wanna come?' She's like, 'Yeah,' and we'll just go down there and make beats together. I'll play the guitar, and I'll just hand her the microphone and she'll just freestyle. It's unbelievable."

Thomas and Lauren are also parents to daughters Ada James and Lennon Love. Their fourth child, also a girl, is due to arrive in November.

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Elvie Shane looks ahead with ambitious new album, 'Backslider'

Elvie Shane looks ahead with ambitious new album, 'Backslider'

Broken Bow Records

Elvie Shane's debut album, Backslider, will be out this month.

The rising star announced the release of his 15-track freshman record, which will drop on October 29. The project, co-written by Elvie, includes his current top-five single, "My Boy."

“It’s about more than just me,” Elvie say of Backslider. “Whether you’re from the United States or the other side of the world, we’ve probably experienced the same things: Heartbreak, family trouble, love, the yearning for a better life. These songs are my personal stories written so they rhyme … but I think they are stories that happen to each and every one of us.”

Backslider is available for pre-order now from the usual outlets.

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Dustin Lynch sets sights on new music with

Dustin Lynch sets sights on new music with "Huntin' Land" featuring Riley Green

Cooper Smith

Dustin Lynch just dropped a brand-new song, "Huntin' Land," featuring Riley Green -- and a video. The new song appears to be from an upcoming album.

“‘Huntin’ Land’ is one of those fun songs that we can listen to and have a laugh at while hanging with our buddies,” Dustin says of the song. “I’ve been playing this one out at shows recently, and it’s been cool watching fans react in real time to it. So pumped Riley was able to hop on it too. Now we need to get a hunt on the books!”

Dustin is currently enjoying a top-15 hit with another collaboration. The song, "Thinking 'Bout You," with Mackenzie Porter, is from Dustin's 2020 Tullahoma album.

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Justin Moore celebrates romance with

Justin Moore celebrates romance with "With a Woman You Love"

Valory Music Co.

Justin Moore is showing off his romantic side with his new single, "With a Woman You Love." Written by Justin alongside Paul DiGiovanni, Chase McGill and Jeremy Stover, it'll be available on Justin's next record.

"I think this song speaks to guys like me, or even my buddies, who used to have a wild side and said they’d never be that guy who does this or that, holding a purse, having a little dog sleep in the bed, etc.," Justin said. "Until you find the woman you love, then it all changes. For the better! Hope y’all enjoy this song, and can relate to finding that special person.."

Justin's new album is expected to be released in early 2022.

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Ryan Hurd admits to

Ryan Hurd admits to "Chasing After..." his first top ten, and making one important change

Nicki Fletcher

Ryan Hurd's enjoying his first top-ten song as an artist right now, duetting with his wife Maren Morris on "Chasing After You."

Of course, Ryan's already been to the top of the chart as a writer, having co-written "What If I Never Get Over You" for Lady ALuke Bryan's "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset," and Blake Shelton's "Lonely Tonight." 

Ironically, his first major success comes with a tune he didn't write -- one that's been a hot property for some time.

"This song has been around a long time," Ryan explains. "And it was held by a handful of artists before us, and for whatever reason didn't make those albums. And when it became available, I remember asking around if it would be something that I could kind of claim."

"And I remember [Maren and I] were on our first trip together, which was a while ago, and we were on a beach," he recalls. "We went to the Caymans, I think. I think that's the night that Maren said she wanted to be a part of this song."

"And so it's gone through a few versions of recordings, and we settled on this one," Ryan adds.

It turns out "Chasing After You" wasn't even envisioned as a collaboration at first.

"It was originally not a duet," Ryan reveals. "But I think picturing it and being able to do that, I think once we saw that it could be, it just became much more powerful."

You'll find "Chasing After You" on Ryan's debut album, Pelago, which comes out October 15. 

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Blake Shelton drops new country music anthem,

Blake Shelton drops new country music anthem, "Come Back As a Country Boy"

Todd Stefani

Blake Shelton's new single is out! The Oklahoma native just dropped "Come Back As a Country Boy," celebrating everything that is right about country music. The song, written by Michael HardyJordan Schmidt and Josh Thompson, is from Blake's upcoming Body Language Deluxe album, out on December 3.

“I think this song is an anthem for everyday hardworking country people out there,” Blake said of his rocking new single. “We have so much pride in who we are and what we do that, if we ever died and got the chance to live life over again, we probably wouldn’t do it if we couldn’t be country.”

Blake will wrap up his Friends and Heroes Tour this weekend with shows in Michigan and Wisconsin.

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Dan + Shay's Dan Smyers says his mental health can be in

Dan + Shay's Dan Smyers says his mental health can be in "shambles"

Amy Sussman/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Dan + Shay might have one of the most successful careers in country music, but that doesn't mean they are immune to struggles just like everyone else. The duo's Dan Smyers admits that, like many others, he has struggled with his mental health.

"Full disclosure, my mental health lives in a constant state of shambles, but that's to be expected working in the music industry," he tells Fault magazine. "In the age of social media, it's tough to stay unaffected by criticism and comparison."

Fortunately, Dan says he's found a way to take care of his mental health as well as his physical health.

"I would say something I try to do daily is make a list," Dan reveals. "It gives my day a bit of purpose and objectivity, and I can look back on it and feel like I've accomplished something. I think my brain goes into panic mode with too many unfinished tasks, so this helps give me some structure and focus."

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Lady A's Dave Haywood was

Lady A's Dave Haywood was "wrecked" by lawsuit over name chang

Image Group LA/ABC via Getty Images

Lady A never imagined the backlash that would follow from changing their name, from Lady Antebellum to Lady A. The trio, who made the decision when they realized the negative connotations associated with the world "antebellum," were soon after faced with a lawsuit by blues singer Anita White, who also goes by Lady A. 

“That wrecked me,” band member Dave Haywood told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “As someone who from day one wrote ‘I Run To You’ about being unified and leaning on each other and loving each other and running from hate, we never want to stand for anything that would be a barrier to our music."

Dave admits they never considered any negative ramifications from changing their name to Lady A, until the lawsuit.

"Changing the name, the decision was easy once we had all of those conversations and facts in front of us," he says. "And going by Lady A, which we’ve had trademarked for our entire career, was the decision.”

Lady A will wrap up their What a Song Can Do Tour on October 10.

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Pistol Annies deliver early Christmas present with 'Hell of a Holiday' album

Pistol Annies deliver early Christmas present with 'Hell of a Holiday' album

Sony Nashville

A new album is coming from Pistol Annies, this time a Christmas one.

The trio, made up of Miranda Lambert, Ashley Monroe and Angaleena Presley, announced that their Hell of a Holiday album will be out on October 22. The 13-track record includes both original and cover songs, including "Auld Lang Syne," "Make You Blue" and the title track.

Pistol Annies teased the news earlier in the week. "We’ve been thinking about…finally sharing the news we’ve been holding onto for months early tomorrow morning," the group posted on social media Wednesday. "Whew we’ve had a hell of a time holding this one in."

Fans who pre-order Hell of a Holiday will receive "Snow Globe" from the project, out at midnight tonight. The record, which will also be available on vinyl, will be released on October 22.

This is the Pistol Annies' fourth studio album. They previously released Hell on Heels in 2011, followed by Annie Up in 2013 and Interstate Gospel in 2018.

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Carly Pearce's honest conversation with Ashley McBryde led to new duet

Carly Pearce's honest conversation with Ashley McBryde led to new duet

Carly Pearce on ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”/ABC

Carly Pearce got really, really personal on all of the songs from her latest album, 29: Written in Stone, including her "Never Wanted to Be That Girl" duet with Ashley McBryde. 

Carly, who says Ashley is one of only two of her artist friends that she wanted to write with -- the other being Luke Combs, with whom she wrote "I Hope You're Happy Now"-- hoped that Ashley would also want to write a duet, on on which they would both sing together.

“I was hoping that she would want to write a duet," Carly tells Country Now. "We had this honest conversation about 'Where else could we go? What was the perspective that hadn’t really been talked about?' I think that the sad truth is that no woman wants to find themselves in this situation."

Carly adds, “No matter if you’re the mistress or the wife…I think this is the realization that they are having the exact same feeling in real-time about being burned by the same man, even though they are both innocent."

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