Bancroft Woman Sentenced For Embezzling Money From the North Union Booster Club

A Bancroft woman has been sentenced for embezzling thousands of dollars from a school booster club.

Forty two year old Erin Michelle Fraker pleaded guilty to second degree theft for stealing $5,820 from the North Union Sports Booster Club.  Investigators say North Union leases the baseball park in Bancroft and the booster club operates the concession stand.  Fraker admitted to keeping some of the money for herself and not depositing It with the North Union Booster Club.

Fraker has now been sentenced to three years of supervised probation and fined $1,025.  She must also pay $5,820 in restitution to the club.  Fraker received a deferred judgment, meaning this conviction will be removed from her record if she fulfills the terms of her sentence.

The investigation into Fraker started November 10th, 2023, after law enforcement was contacted  about money taken from the concession stand receipts for the 2023 North Union Baseball Team.