B.E. Council Signs Agreements to Begin Work on Future City Hall Building

The Blue Earth City Council met on Monday and at the meeting came to an agreement with Brunton Architects and Engineers for work on the old Wells Fargo Building that will be the future home of Blue Earth City Hall.

Mayor Rick Scholtes says they signed two agreements one for the engineering portion and the other hires them as the Construction Managers to make sure what the city wants to get done, gets done.

For the engineering aspect will cost the city around $109,000, with the other portion variable depending on what the contract actually costs for construction.

Scholtes says once the plans are put together it will go out for bids individually as the electrical, HVAC and construction will all be bid out separately, with the city making the final decision on who gets awarded the bids.

The next Blue Earth City Council meeting will be held Tuesday, February 20th at 5pm in the council chambers at City Hall.