North Iowa School District to Hold Public Meetings on Changing to a 4 Day School Week

The North Iowa School District will be holding public meetings regarding the possibility of a four day school week.

The first meeting will be held Thursday, January 25th, at 6pm, where staff and parents will get more information and be able to ask questions about the four day school week.

The second meeting is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, February 13th, at 6pm, where North Iowa officials hope to have parents and staff from districts using the four day weeks, available virtually to share their experiences and answer any questions.  Both meetings will be held in the North Iowa Auditorium.

The third meeting will be at the next North Iowa School Board meeting that will be held either February 19th or 20th.  The public forum time will be extended one hour to allow community members to speak directly to board members.  The board will only listen to comments and will not respond to comments and questions.  No action will be taken regarding the four day school week during the meeting.