Blue Earth Area Offering Incentive Package in a Bid to Hire New Bus Drivers

The state of Minnesota is facing an unprecedented school bus driver shortage and things are no different for the Blue Earth Area School District.

Superintendent Mandy Fletcher says the shortage of drivers has caused the district to reduce two full time routes and combined them with other routes in the last two years alone, meaning that the buses run fuller and the kids could spend longer on the busses.

Fletcher says they’ve come up with an incentive package to help get new bus drivers.  The district will pay potential drivers to take the classes for the CDL with a bus endorsement, in addition to paying for the classes.  The closest city that offers the behind the wheel test is Mason City, Iowa and the district will pay for mileage as well as an hourly wage for the trip.

The district will be asking the drivers for a certain amount of routes for a one year minimum in return for paying for the training and license they receive.

Anyone interested in becoming a bus driver for the Blue Earth Area School District or would live more information, can call 526-3294.