Group of Fairmont Residents Files Lawsuit Over Planned Community Center

A group of residents in Fairmont is suing the city over plans for the future community center.

The lawsuit, filed on November 29th in Minnesota’s 4th Division of the U.S. District Court, was brought forth by a group known as “Fairmont Taxpayers Coalition for Government Transparency.”

The group claims the 2016 referendum that provided the original framework for funding the proposed community center, as flawed.

According to the lawsuit, language used in the accepted referendum question was modified before being presented to voters.

The Plaintiffs accuse the city of violating a Minnesota statute which states local sales tax measures to be approved by voters, must be “dedicated exclusively to payment of the costs of the specific project which is designated.”

The lawsuit continues to claim that conditions of the referendum have not been met by the city, including private fundraising requirements to build the proposed community center.

Plaintiffs are seeking a resolution that would eliminate the sales tax imposed through the 2016 referendum and put a halt to the community center project as it is currently planned.