Ballots Mailed for FSA County Committee Election in Area 3 in Faribault County

USDA began mailing ballots on November 6th for FSA County Committee Elections to all eligible agricultural producers and private landowners across the country.  Elections are occurring in certain Local Administrative Areas. 

There are three administrative areas in Faribault County.  Faribault County FSA Executive Director Nicki Miranowski says area three is up for election this year.  Area three is made up of Brush Creek, Clark, Dunbar, Foster, Kiester, Seely and Walnut Lake Townships.

Current committee member Cary Goemann has reached the term limit as committee members can only serve 9 consecutive years.

Miranowski says that Dale Buendorf and Eric Wagner are running for the seat.

To be counted, producers and landowners must return ballots to the Faribault County FSA Office or have it postmarked by December 4th, 2023.  County committees are unique to the FSA and serve as a direct link between agricultural communities across the country and the USDA.