Additional Details Released in Accidental Shooting Death of a 2 Year Old Near Welcome

Court documents have provided additional details on an accidental shooting that resulted in the death of a two year old boy earlier this month near Welcome.

State records indicate that on the morning of October 15th, the two year old was accidentally shot by his four year old brother in a vehicle and died two days later at a hospital in Rochester.

According to a search warrant application, the brothers’ 26 year old mother and her 33 year old boyfriend had briefly left the two kids alone in the back seat of a pickup truck while the adults went back inside the family home to retrieve a toy.

The boyfriend said a loaded gun and ammunition had been left in the front passenger side door of the truck and that he believed the older boy crawled up to the front seat, took it and returned to his seat while the adults were away.

A deputy executing the warrant to search the pickup truck reported finding several other firearms and ammunition in the vehicle.  Authorities have not announced any arrests or charges in the case.