BEA Survey’s Due Back on Friday, September 29th

This past spring the Blue Earth Area School District reviewed the condition of each of the schools, assessing building infrastructure, major building systems (electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling), safety features, and educational space needs. 

A Community Facility Task Force reviewed these findings and identified options on how best to address these needs and a survey was sent out to get the opinions of the District’s residents.

Blue Earth Area Superintendent Mandy Fletcher says some plumbing issues at the K-7 site kickstarted this process. Fletcher added some major updates are needed at the High School as well, one of which being the rooftop air handling units have reached the end of their life and need to be replaced.

Fletcher says many of the projects at both sites can not be put off for any longer and need to be addressed, which is why the survey was sent out to district residents so the Task Force and District knows which option residents feel is the best way to proceed.

The survey needs to be submitted by Friday and the Task Force will review all the surveys submitted on Wednesday, October 4th, to help guide them in any future decisions.