Harvest Progressing in MN & Iowa According to USDA’s Weekly Progress Report

The USDA’s National Agricultural Statistic Service released the crop progress report for Minnesota and Iowa for the week ending September 24th.

In Minnesota, corn in the dent stage was 97% and the crop was 80% mature.  Corn harvest for grain reached 11% and moisture content at harvest averaged 22%.  Corn condition was 40% good to excellent.

Eighty three percent of Iowa’s corn crop has reached maturity.  Corn harvested for grain reached 9% and moisture content at harvest averaged 21%.  Corn condition was 50% good to excellent.

Minnesota’s soybeans turning color were at 95%, with 81% dropping leaves.  Harvest progress reached 19%.  Soybean condition was 44% good to excellent.

In Iowa, soybeans turning color was 95%, with 75% of leaves dropping and 11% harvested.  Soybean condition was 47% good to excellent.