Faribault County Drainage Department Reminds Producers and Landowners to Report County Drainage System Issues This Fall

Faribault County consists of 113 public drainage systems, with over 260 miles of public open ditch and 700 miles of tile.

Systems are owned by all benefited landowners and are only managed by the county.  Repair and inspection of drainage systems are handled by the Drainage Department. 

Faribault County Drainage Manager Marissa Lore asks producers to be on the lookout for any issues during harvest such as tile holes or beaver dams.  If any issues are seen, please report them to the Drainage Department so they can be addressed.

Producers and Landowners need to know their township and section or parcel number when notifying the Drainage Department staff with any issues they find.

After drainage staff have reviewed the problem, a plan will be made to solve the problem.