USDA Lowers Iowa’s Expected Corn Yields for This Fall

Weather conditions have prompted the USDA to lower its prediction of corn yields in Iowa by one and a half percent.

The estimate released on Thursday is based on crop conditions through September 1st.  The USDA predicts the average corn yield in Iowa will be 200 bushels per acre, down slightly from last month.  However, at least 200,000 more acres of corn were planted in Iowa this year, compared to last and the USDA predicts Iowa’s overall corn harvest will be 2% larger than last years.

The USDA’s analysis of Iowa’s soybean yields per acre is the same as it was in August.  With more corn going in the ground, fewer acres of soybeans were planted in Iowa this year and the USDA expects the total soybean harvest in Iowa to be down 2% from last year.