BEA School District is Requesting Residents Fill Out a Survey as They Work on Plans to Update Their Facilities

The Blue Earth Area School District is working on a plan to update their facilities to better serve students and the community.  This past spring, they reviewed the condition of each school building, assessing building infrastructure, major building systems, safety features and educational space needs.

The cost to complete these projects is greater than the District’s annual operating budget can support, having the School Board consider asking voters to support a bond referendum to address these needs.

Before any plan is finalized, the District is asking residents to please take the community survey.  Superintendent Mandy Fletcher says that it’s important for district residents to complete the survey to be as sure as possible that as many voices as possible are heard before the district moves ahead with one of the options.

Fletcher added that the survey includes what a referendum question would look like on the ballot.

District residents wanting to do the survey need to complete it by Friday, September 29th.