CRP Producers Reminded to Submit Their Paperwork by Friday, September 15th

The end of the fiscal year is fast approaching for the Faribault County FSA Office and it’s very important that producers participating in CRP have everything in order and on file when it comes to anything that was to be submitted for cost share.

Faribault County FSA Director Nicky Miranowski says producers need to get things filed by the end of the week, so the office staff has time to review the paperwork before the end of the fiscal year.

Miranowski says they are starting to see a lot of violations and non compliance issues due to producers not maintaining their contracted cover.  Failure to do so may result in fees being charged to the producer.

Miranowski says the payment will be pushed out in two batches. The oldest CRP payments will be pushed out after October 3rd, with newer contracts, with new payment eligibility rules, pushed out after October 10th.  Producers need to have all paperwork submitted by the end of the business day on September 22nd.