B.E. Council Holds 2 Appeal Hearings for Potentially Dangerous Dogs Monday Night

The Blue Earth City Council met for the first time in August on Monday night where two separate, potentially dangerous dog appeal hearings were held.  The first appeal heard was for a dog at the property at 1007 East 3rd Street.  The incident occurred the afternoon of July 26th where a group of juveniles were hanging out and the dog bit a juvenile female on the cheek while she was sitting on the couch with the dog.

There were no adults at the home at the time and no one witnessed the dog biting the juvenile.  It was also made clear that no one was allowed to be in the living room with the dog.  Since there had been no previous incidents with the dog and hearing the owners appeal, it was determined by the council that the dog will not be labeled potentially dangerous and, once the dog was registered with the city, it will be released back to the family.

The other case of a potentially dangerous dog had a different outcome, as the dog at 515 East 14th Street, attacked another dog in the residence and also bit the owner.  This incident occurred on the morning of July 26th, while the owner was feeding the dogs a piece of cheese, which the owner does every morning, when the dog in question became aggressive and attacked the other dog and bit the owner.

Neither dog is registered with the city as they are foster dogs.  The council determined that since the dog had a past of being aggressive and in this case, attacked another dog and the owner, it be deemed potentially dangerous.  The dog owner must now get the animals registered with the city and will get the dog back once that is complete.