Kossuth County Residents Question County Board Over Gestures Made to a Carbon Pipeline Rep at the End of A Recent Meeting

Tensions continue to run high over plans for the proposed carbon pipeline in Northern Iowa.  Some Kossuth County resident questioned the County Board of Supervisors last week about their actions at the end of a recent meeting with representatives of a carbon pipeline company.

One resident asked about a gesture made by a pipeline representative.  “As they’re walking out, one of them gives a thumbs up to the board and there were some gestures from board members back to that.  How do you explain to the public that you buys are on their side and not in cahoots with pipeline members or representatives that don’t even live in this county or pay taxes in this county?”, he asked.  Another resident asked a similar question.

Fourth District Supervisor Kyle Stecker spoke up about his acknowledgement of the pipeline representatives.  “I was asked after the meeting if I noticed the thumbs up.  No, I didn’t.  I nodded as people were walking out.  Common courtesy beyond that had no meaning to me,” he says.  “So whatever thumbs up anyone does inadvertently don’t really pay attention to it.  Simple as that.”

Second District Supervisor Jack Plathe said the supervisors are working for the landowners, but said he couldn’t go into detail on that.  The Navigator Pipeline route would run through Kossuth County if approved.