Faribault County Has 17 of 225 Bridges Rated in “Poor” Condition

One in three U.S. bridges are in need of repair or replacement, according to data from the American Road & Transportation Builders Association, including 29% of interstate bridges.  The cost to make these repairs is estimated to be in excess of $54 billion.

Stacker investigated which counties in Minnesota have the most bridges in dire need of repair, using data from the Federal Highway Administration.  The data is accurate as of June 15th, 2022.  Counties are ranked by percent of bridges in “poor” condition.

Out of the top 20 counties with bridges in dire need of repair, Faribault County ranked 17th with 17 of 225 or 7.6% of bridges in poor condition.

Ranking 14th was Blue Earth County with 7.7% in poor condition, which is 15 of 194 bridges.

Martin County was 7th with 15 of 161 bridges, giving the county 9.3% in poor condition.

Comin in at number one with the highest percentage of bridges in poor condition was Lake Count at 13.5%, 12 of 89 bridges.