Farmers in Midst of Growing Season Waiting for More Rain

With June nearing its end, Minnesota farmers are in the peak of the growing season.

Ag experts say that this is the time of year where the expected yield begins to come into view and that farmers are expecting a good outcome from this year’s crop, especially compared to last year’s drought filled growing season that made yields difficult to predict.

This summer has been dry overall, as the national drought radar shows most of Minnesota experiencing drought conditions.

But south western Minnesota has managed to avoid overly dry conditions.

Experts says that this is likely due to the high amount of rain this spring, as the moisture seeped into the soil and is now benefiting thirsty plats that have taken root.

When that rain was falling, there was some concern as planting was pushed back by several weeks, but that water has now proven to be a blessing in the midst of a dry summer.

While this past weekend’s rain will help some dry conditions, experts say that the moisture stored in the soil will only last so long and that farmers are still anxiously awaiting more rain.