Michigan Based Emerald Fire Farms to Open First Retail Cannabis Facility in MN in Fairmont

Minnesota’s recent legalization of recreational marijuana has allowed Michigan based Emerald Fire Farms to purchase its first location in Minnesota.  Plans are in the works to open the retail cannabis facility at 2237 N. State St. in Fairmont later this year.

Emerald Fire Farms President, John Siggerud, has ties to Minnesota as he’s originally from Bloomington.

Last summer when Minnesota passed a new law that regulated the sale of Delta-8 THC products, Siggerud said their business created Delta-8 products and brought them to Minnesota to sell wholesale.

There are plans to remodel the existing building in Fairmont and add on to it as well.  Siggerud estimates it’ll take six to eight months.  It will take a while for the state to regulate it, but Siggerud plans to  submit their license application soon.