Minnesota’s Unemployment Rate Remains Steady in April

Minnesota gained 4,500 jobs and added more than 3,600 people to the state’s labor force in April, according to data released Friday by the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development.

Minnesota’s Unemployment Rate in April remained at 2.8% and the state’s labor force participation rate ticked up one tenth of a percentage point over the month to 68.1%.

Minnesota gained 4,500 jobs on a seasonally adjusted basis, up 0.2% from March to April.  The private sector gained 4,400 jobs, also up 0.2%.

Minnesota’s labor force grew by 3,634 people over the month, bringing the total to 3,087,713 people in April.  The number of people employed in the state increased by 3,523 workers and the number of unemployed increased by 111 people.  The labor force is 40,890 people smaller than in February 2020, when the participation rate was at 69.9%.

Nationally, the unemployment rate ticked down one tenth of a percentage point to 3.4% in April and the U.S. Labor Force Participation Rate remained at 62.6%.