Winnebago Council Mulls Police Departments Future at Last Week’s Work Session

The Winnebago City Council met last week for a special work session to discuss the future of the Winnebago Police Department.

Winnebago Officers leaving for other employment in the last year has left the Winnebago Police Department understaffed, with Chief Eric Olson bearing most of that burden.  Chief Deputy Scott Adams, of the Faribault County Sheriff’s Department, has stated the department’s support and their office will work with Winnebago until it is covered.  This coverage being free of charge.

It has also been proposed that Winnebago contract with the Blue Earth Police Department for their coverage of the area as a solution, though Chief Olson warns against this choice, stating that it’s hard to regain control after it’s gone and this would leave Winnebago to answer to the City of Blue Earth in regards to policing.

The Council hopes to attract new talent by increasing wages.