EDA Presented With Data From Producers Meeting, Addressing Future Veterinary Concerns in Faribault County

The Economic Development Authority and city of Blue Earth have been seeking a replacement for local veterinarian Bob Bogan for a good while, as Bogan would like to find a successor for Makotah Veterinary Center, before he retires.

Upon realizing that there is a shortage of veterinary students choosing to enter large animal practice, members of the EDA acknowledge there is a real possibility a successor to his clinic may not be found.

To assess area producers’ needs for veterinary care, a Producer Meeting, jointly sponsored by the Blue Earth EDA and Faribault County EDA, was held on March 9th, where producers could voice their concerns and needs going forward.

EDA specialist, Amy Schaefer, also presented the EDA with data from a survey which was distributed to the producers.  The survey revealed that 66.7% of the producers surveyed do not have a backup veterinarian if Dr. Bogan were to retire without a successor.  However, 81% are willing to travel within Faribault County, or roughly an hour, for services.

Schaefer reported several producers are willing to significantly increase what they pay for veterinary services and mileage if that becomes necessary to attract a veterinarian to the area.

Schaefer intends to mail a letter out to area producers and Makotah Veterinary Center large animal clients summarizing the findings from the Producer Meeting, along with the survey results.  She also plans to continue pursuing initiatives to attract a vet to Blue Earth.