Buffalo Center Man Sentenced For Entering an Ex Girlfriend’s Home and Assaulting Her

Harassing a woman, illegally entering her home and assaulting her is sending a Buffalo Center man to prison.

Forty one year old Dustin James Olson pleaded guilty to two counts of third degree burglary, first degree harassment and assault causing bodily injury.

Investigators say Olson illegally entered his ex girlfriend’s home in Rake on August 2021 and December 2021.  The victim said she had to climb out her daughter’s window to escape the first time and Olson entered her bedroom around midnight the second time, while she was sleeping there and stole her laptop computer.

Olson is also accused of sending his ex girlfriend threatening texts in October 2021 and pushing her into a wall in November 2021 and leaving a body sized hole.

Olson has been sentenced to one year in jail, 12 years in prison and fined $3,335 and will have to pay damages of $1,282.