Blue Earth Light and Water Answered Concerns From Riverside Heights Residents at Last Week’s Meeting

Last Wednesday, Blue Earth Light and Water held a question and answer style meeting to address concerns from those living withing the Riverside Heights area, which is facing possible annexation by the City of Blue Earth.

The question of well caping was brought up by community members and in response, Blue Earth Light and Water Manager Tim Stoner stated that Light and Water has a responsibility to ensure that they are protecting the system.  Stoner cited the potential for cross contamination between private wells and the City’s water system, as their primary concern.

He added that he understands the value of having your own well, but when you’re within the city limits, the protection of everybody is more important.

City Engineer Wes Brown also shared input on the wells, observing that many of the private wells in Riverside Heights are past their 40 year life expectancy and connecting to the city’s water supply would eliminate the future cost of well maintenance and repairs.

Additionally, Brown noted that if residents connect to city water and cap their wells now, the cost will be covered through the upcoming sanitary sewer improvement project, however if they wait to cap their wells, the cost, which could be as high as $10,000, would be the responsibility of the homeowner.