More Efficient and Powerful Technology, as Well as Lower Cost Pushing Local Solar Projects

A variety of local solar power projects are starting to get off the ground in southern Minnesota.

Some large scale solar panel projects have been developing in the past few months and experts say that it’s likely a result of new, efficient and more powerful technology, making solar power both more viable and accessible.

Gary Winters of Solar Store Mankato, says that the technology keeps getting better and improving.  The cost keeps getting reduced, and then you also have grid power.

Some nearby projects include the St. Peter School District is working to install solar power in the middle and high schools.

In Mankato, Crown Cork and Seal is waiting on a city permit to install a 2,500 panel solar array that would power 25% of the plant’s electrical needs.

Experts say that solar arrays have quadrupled in both affordability and efficiency in just the last five years and that affordability is also added by tax benefits and grants, such as the grant that is paying for St. Peter’s upcoming solar array.

Local experts believe that this is a trend that is likely to continue, especially in schools and businesses.