Bricelyn Man Charged After Assaulting a Woman Over Several Days

A Bricelyn man is behind bars, accused of punching and choking a woman.

Last week, Faribault County Deputies responded to a home in Bricelyn, where a report of domestic abuse had apparently lasted several days.

According to the report, 41 year old Brent Neal Shaikoski punched the victim in the eye last Thursday, giving her a black eye.  Police says the victim’s eye showed “significant discoloration and bruising.”

Then on Saturday, Shaikoski allegedly strangled the victim until she lost control of her bladder.  Investigators photographed visible bruising on the victim’s neck and a scratch on her chest.

On Monday, Shaikoski was charged with two counts of felony domestic assault in Faribault County Court.  Shaikoski has previous domestic assault convictions.