Fairmont High School Hosting Their Polar Plunge Event on March 13th

In a longstanding tradition, Fairmont High School will be hosting its annual Cool School Polar Plunge on March 13th.  The event will see dozens of people jump into near freezing water to raise money for Special Olympics Minnesota.

Fairmont schools have encouraged students to take the plunge since 2015, but had to take a hiatus due to the pandemic. 

The event aims to raise $12,000 for Special Olympics Minnesota and as of Sunday, $7,300 has been raised.  Eighty two people are registered to take the plunge.  High School Prinicpal Chad Brusky and Fairmont Superintendent Andy Traetow have thrown their hats in the ring as well and are preparing to take the plunge themselves.

Conventional polar plunges are typically held at natural bodies of water, however, Fairmont’s event will be held outside the high school, utilizing a mobile plunge unit holding 2,100 gallons of water.  When filled the water will be approximately 4 feet deep.