Superintendent Fletcher Reviews the Process of School Closures and Delays

Blue Earth Area Superintendent Mandy Fletcher gave an update on Tuesday on the process of school closures and delays in the event of inclement weather within the District.

Fletcher stated that their isn’t a text book or written policy in regards to the school’s approach.  This is primarily to avoid using a blanket solution to a multi-faceted problem.

Fletcher said that her and her staff assess the conditions every time on a case by case basis.  They use many channels of communication and information from radio and television and state weather agencies, radar and forecasts, as well as their own judgement to determine the risk of the weather and how best to handle it in regards to the safety of the students.

Once the weather is deemed risky enough to warrant delays or cancellations, the school will send out notices to the local and regional news and weather stations, update the BEA Facebook page and notify parent directly using the JMC Direct Call and Text Service.

In the event of delays or cancelations for the Blue Earth Area School District, keep an eye on the previous sources of information and be sure to tune to KBEW to stay up to date on all of the areas postponements and cancellations.