Frost Man Charged After Shooting His Gun Near a Woman Walking Her Dog Near Blue Earth

A Frost man has been charged with felony counts of intentional discharge of a dangerous weapon and 5th degree drug possession after being accused of firing a weapon out of his truck near a woman walking her dog.

Authorities say the woman was walking her dog in rural Blue Earth when 38 year old Timothy Walter Glanzman pulled over and fired several rounds at or near the woman.  Authorities discovered spent ammunition casings and bullet holes in the ice at the scene where the truck had stopped.

The complain says deputies tracked down the suspect vehicle and found Glanzman, who confirmed the truck was his, but denied having a firearm in the vehicle.  Deputies then executed a search warrant on Glanzman’s truck, where they found a handgun with a loaded magazine.  Investigators say the ammunition matched the spent shells found at the scene.

A glass pipe that tested positive for meth was also recovered from the truck.

Glanzman admitted to firing his gun, but denied he was near a pedestrian.  Authorities however, say he was close enough to the woman that she believed he was firing the gun at her.