Gov. Walz Announces $12 Billion Package to Help Families With Child Care Costs, As Well As Hire More School Support Staff

Governor Tim Walz announced a $12 billion package on Tuesday that he way would make the state the “best” in the country for kids.

The package contains a series of proposals within the One Minnesota Budget meant to lower the cost of childcare for middle-class families and reduce child poverty.

Walz state that as a former teacher, coach and parent, he’s made it his mission to make Minnesota the best state in the country for kids to grow up in.

The package would mean that families making under $200,000 with one child could receive up to $4000 a year for child care costs.  Families with two children could receive up to $8000 and families with three children could see up to $10,500.  I would also included a child tax credit that would provide lower income families $1000 per child, with a maximum credit of $3000.  A bill recently advanced by a House Committee guarantees universal free school meals would also be standard.

School funding would then be tied in tandem with inflation starting in 2026 if the package passes.  As part of school funding, the proposal looks to fund hiring more school counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers and chemical health counselors.