B.E. Council Hears From City Engineer & B.E. Light and Water at Tuesday’s Council Meeting

The Blue Earth City Council held their regular meeting Tuesday night.

The council received an update from the City Engineer’s Office, as they continue to work on the design for the upcoming street improvement project.  There is a planned future meeting for the council to address questions, concerns and feedback with the Engineer’s Office and in the event that changes are necessary or suggestions are made, the planning can be adjusted appropriately.  Nothing final has been drafted to present at this time.

Blue Earth Light and Water’s Tim Stoner presented an update in regards to the planned Water Plant improvement and construction.  Stoner said that due to logistics and rising costs in general, the estimated cost of the project is now at approximately $14 million.

Light and Water has contacted Representative Bjorn Olson to draft a bonding bill to the state legislature in the hopes that the state’s current budget surplus could fund or at least help fund the project.

Stoner requested a motion to approve Light and Water continue to research and pursue state bonding and funding for the project.  The Council approved the motion for Light and Water to continue their pursuit.

The Council also approved a motion to join the Coalition of Greater Minnesota Cities.