MN House Unanimously Passes Tax Code Uniformity Bill, Now Moves to Senate

On Monday the Minnesota House overwhelmingly passed legislation allowing state taxpayers to take advantage of numerous tax provisions already approved at the federal level.

State Rep, Bjorn Olson voted in favor of the bill.

Olson said federal conformity is needed in Minnesota to ease filing compliance burdens for residents and to help industries that were hardest hit from pandemic shutdowns, especially restaurant, hospitality and entertainment industries.

Olson said at least seven federal bills have been passed into law since Minnesota last enacted legislation to match congressional changes.  Tax year 2023 marks five years since the tax code has been conformed, which is the longest the state has been out of conformity in decades.

With 132-0 passage in the House, the bill is now in the hands of the Senate and, pending that body’s approval, will be presented for the Governor for enactment.