Bevcomm to Use Grant Money to Start on Internet Line Upgrades in Spring 2023

Last week, Bevcomm CEO Bill Eckles discussed with KBEW the ways that the Department of Economic Development’s grant program has contributed to the improvements of Minnesota’s information and internet infrastructure over the years.

Two weeks ago, it was announced that a historic grant of $100 million will be distributed to a number of counties throughout Minnesota, including Faribault and Martin Counties, to upgrade fiber optic lines and create new lines for rural Minnesotans in the counties.

Eckles said that line upgrades to city and rural customers will allow internet speeds needed to conduct telehealth visits and to work from home, just to name a few benefits.

The construction of the new lines through the county’s rural areas will begin in Mid Spring of 2023, with property agreements going out to landowners in early spring.  Eckles made it knows that these upgrades on rural properties will come at no expense to the property owners where lines will be installed.

The project is expected to take at least 18 -24 months to complete.