Brown County Sheriff’s Office Praises Deputy and Good Samaritan Who Helped an Elderly Man in a Ditch on Friday Night

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office reached out via social media to praise a deputy and a good Samaritan who rescued an elderly man from a ditch over the weekend.

The incident happened Friday night, when strong winds stirred up recent snowfall, causing white out conditions and freezing drizzle resulted in slippery road conditions.

In a Facebook post, the BSCO says law enforcement was busy heling many motorists that had slid into the ditch that night.  One of those drivers was an 89 year old man who was trying to get home, but became stuck in the ditch.  A deputy responded and tried to get the man out of his vehicle.  The sheriff’s office says this proved to be a difficult task until an unknown young man pulled up and assisted the deputy in helping the stranded man out of the ditch.  The good Samaritan apparently left without giving his name.

“After finding out how far away the elderly gentleman lived, with the weather conditions as it were, it was in his best interest to stay in a hotel for the night,” says the Facebook post.  “Without any money along, the deputy took it upon themselves to buy a room for the night for this gentleman.”

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office expressed gratitude for the “mysterious man” who went out of his way to help and thanked the deputy for going above and beyond.