B.E. Council Receives Library Update and Certifies Election Results

On Monday, the Blue Earth City Council received and update from the Blue Earth Public Library, where it was announced that the massive Pteranodon fossil and exhibit has been installed and is awaiting finishing touches, in the library.

While the council is excited for the exhibit and what it brings to the community, it was noted that the fossil exhibit acquisitions will likely need to slow down, as the library is filling quickly, and the space may not be available to easily accommodate more new fossils coming in.

Councilman John Huisman also inquired about an updated camera security system for the interior and exterior of the library, to prevent possible vandalism and theft of exhibits and beyond, something the library will be investigating further.

City Attorney David Frundt updated the council on a private property withing the city that is in need of clean up and management.  The attorney’s office has made attempts to make contact with the owner of the property in question but have not been successful.  Frundt also presented estimates for clean up and towing of vehicles on the property.

To encourage residents to stay on top of lawn care in the summer and shoveling in the winter, it was proposed that fees for lack of doing either be increased from $50 to $75 in 2023.  The increase was put to a vote and was approved.

The council then voted to certify election results for city positions and passed the certification without incident.