Just a Reminder, Things to do to Prepare For Winter Weather

Much of Southern Minnesota and Northern Iowa woke up to snow on Monday morning, the first snowfall of the season for many.  As a reminder, her is a brief list of things to help prepare you and your family for the incoming cold and snowy weather.

Winterize your home, using weather stripping and insulating windows where necessary.

Check your home’s heating system to make sure it is operational.

Keep your shovel and/or snowblower hand and in working order.

Make sure to keep salt handy for your sidewalk and porch.

For your vehicles, make sure to check the tread on your tires.

Check your vehicle’s heating system.

And make sure to keep an ice scraper stored in all of your vehicles.

Lastly, be mindful of road conditions and other drivers at all times.  Check the 511.com map and while driving, slow down and don’t follow too closely.