Mapleton Water Tower Down For 2 Weeks for Maintenance

Mapleton residents will need to take precautions with their water over the next two weeks.  The city says the water tower will be down, leaving it unable to filter out iron from its waterways.

The city is changing out the iron pipe to a stainless steel pipe, with a longer lifespan of 28 years.  In order to do so, the filter plant will be down and unable to filter the water.  The city will still be able to treat the water, but residents may notice more rust iron during the time.

The city says that the water is still safe to drink and it is suggested that residents run their water for 5 minutes prior to doing any laundry and to avoid washing whites.  Officials also say to turn up water softener settings if possible.

When the water tower is up and running again, residents should flush their water heaters, clean toilet tanks and run vinegar through dishwashers and washing machines to remove any stuck on iron.

Those with questions can contact Mapleton City Hall at 507-524-3492.