Winnebago and UHD Announce Sale of Wbgo Clinic Building to the City

The City of Winnebago and United Hospital District Inc. (UHD) have announced the sale of the Winnebago Clinic building to the City of Winnebago.  Terms of the agreement were completed Tuesday.  The Winnebago Clinic facility had closed in March of 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

UHD had determined that continued use of the building was not feasible, therefore the best option was to find a way to keep its use local.

Winnebago Mayor Scott Robertson, Economic and Business Development Specialist Angie Stier, Winnebago City Administrator Judi Hynes, along with Winnebago Healthcare Professional Services Task Force, have been working on options to sustain healthcare in Winnebago.

Mayor Robertson states, “I am very appreciative that UHD made this opportunity available.  The City of Winnebago is determined to bring needed services back to the community.  We are looking forward to working with UHD in the future as we navigate these difficult times in the healthcare industry.”