B.E. Council Votes For Deadline for County Humane Society to Move into Its New Facility

Blue Earth City Administrator Mary Kennedy noted recent issues with the Faribault County Humane Society’s use of the city’s impound building at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

Kennedy said there have been two recent occasions when the city was unable to access the impound building for weeks at a time because a dog was quarantined there by the Humane Society.

The lack of access became an issue last August when the police department was unable to use the impound building to hold an aggressive stray dog.

Kennedy recommended the City Council instate a deadline for the Humane Society to relocate to the new facility they have been developing, thereby vacating the city’s impound building.

Council Member John Huisman motioned to notify the Humane Society they must relocate to their new facility by November 1st of this year, which passed unanimously.

The council then voted to notify the Joint Powers Committee that Blue Earth will be terminating its agreement with the committee by December 31st.