Another Dry Week in MN & Iowa Causing Worsening Drought Concern in Iowa

Minnesota had 6.2 days suitable for fieldwork for the week ending September 4th, according to the USDA.

Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 6% very short, 23% short, 68% adequate and 3% surplus.

Corn dough reached 92%, corn dented reached 47%, 5 days behind the five year average.  Corn condition was 62% good to excellent.  Corn for silage was 9% harvested.

Soybean coloring reached 25%, 4 days behind average.  Soybean condition was 64% good to excellent.

In Iowa, continuing mostly dry conditions across most of the state resulted in 6.1 days suitable for fieldwork, the USDA says.

Topsoil moisture condition was rated 16% very short, 30% short, 53% adequate and 1% surplus.  Moisture levels in the Northwest, West Central, Southwest, South Central and Southeast Districts of Iowa continued to be a concern with over 50% of both topsoil and subsoil considered short or very short.

Corn in or beyond the dough stage was 96%, with 71% of Iowa’s corn crop at the dent stage or beyond, 3 days behind last year, but 1 day ahead of average.  Ten percent of the state’s corn crop was mature, 2 days behind both last year and the 5 year average.  Corn condition remained 66% good to excellent.

Soybeans setting pods were at 97%.  Soybeans coloring or beyond reached 20%, 5 days behind last year and 4 days behind the 5 year average.  Soybeans beginning to drop leaves were at 2%, 1 week behind last year and almost a week behind average.  Soybean condition was rated at 66% good to excellent.