Fairmont Area Makes Cellphone Policy Changes Ahead of the New School Year

Farimont Area Schools has made changes to its cellphone policy ahead of the upcoming year.  The updated policy bars cellphone in most school settings.

Under the new policy, 7th and 8th grade students must keep their phones in lockers during the school day.  Ninth through 12th graders must keep hones in lockers during most of the day, but are permitted to use them in the commons during lunch time or flex study hall.

The administration hopes the new policy will lead to improved student well being and learning outcomes.  Representatives of the high school’s student body also endorsed the police, but said it will definitely be an adjustment for students.

Despite the district’s cellphone restriction, it will still emphasize technology use in the classroom.  Students will continue to use district issued chromebooks in classrooms which are expected to fulfill most needs for technology in class settings.