B.E. Council Decides to Not Investigate Complaints About Fire Chief

The Blue Earth City Council conducted a closed session after Monday night’s council meeting to address a personnel complaint against Blue Earth Fire Department Chief Steve Brown.

Mayor Rick Scholtes said Brown was doing his job to what the description requires and the council then voted to not investigate the complaints against Brown.

Three elected officers on the Fire Department, Assistant Chief Ashley Bleess, Captain Jim Wirkus and Lieutenant Nicholas Bleess disagreed with the council’s decision.  All three said they intend to resign from their positions in protest.

Also Monday night, the council voted to conduct a second reading of the ordinance repealing the authorization of urban chickens and honey bees, with the intent of addressing the current discrepancies in the city code.  A quote from Dan Welder to remodel Blue Earth Wine & Spirits was also approved.  The estimate of about $10,500 covers the installation of two new checkout counters.