B.E. Council Decides Not to Allow Bees and Chickens After 2nd Reading of Amended Ordinance

The Blue Earth City Council conducted a second reading of the ordinance to amend the city’s definition of farm animals at their meeting on Monday night.  The Council voted to let the ordinance die on a narrow 4-3 decision.

The ordinance would have defined bees and chickens as separate from farm animals and excluded them from the city’s general ban on keeping farm animals within city limits.

Councilmember John Huisman moved to accept the ordinance, however his motion failed 4-3, with Russ Erichsrud, Marty Cassem, Ann Hanna and Mayor Rick Scholtes voting in opposition.

Hanna made a motion directing City Attorney David Frundt to draft repeals of the ordinances which currently define bees and chickens as separate from farm animals.  Hanna’s motion narrowly passed 4-3, with Huisman, Wendy Cole and Dan Ristau voting in opposition.

Frundt clarified that residents who have already been approved to keep chickens should be allowed to do so lawfully until their year long permits have expired.

In other business, the council voted to adopt resolutions approving just over $897,000 to be assessed against owners of properties benefitting from the 10th, Nicollet, Walnut and Hood Street improvements.  The assessments may be paid in full by November 1st, or paid via property tax assessment over the next 15 years at a 3.49% interest rate.