USDA Reports Most Corn and Soybeans in MN & Iowa Have Emerged

Favorable weather conditions last week allowed Minnesota farmers 5.5 days suitable for fieldwork, according to the USDA.

Corn condition was rated 1% very poor, 4% poor, 31% fair, 53% good and 11% excellent. 

Minnesota’s soybean emergence was at 93%, 20 days behind last year and 8 days behind the five year average.  Soybean condition was rated 1% very poor, 3% poor, 35% fair, 53% good and 8% excellent.

Topsoil moisture supplies were rated 1% very short, 11% short, 75% adequate and 13% surplus.

In Iowa, the USDA says that mostly warm and dry conditions resulted in 5.8 days suitable for fieldwork last week.

Corn condition rating was 80% good to excellent.

Ninety seven percent of Iowa’s soybeans have emerged, 4 days behind last year, but 3 days ahead of the 5 year average.  Two percent of the soybeans were blooming, 12 days behind last year and 1 week behind average.  Iowa’s soybean condition rating remained 80% good to excellent.

Iowa’s topsoil moisture condition was rated 6% very short, 22% short, 67% adequate and 5% surplus.