Emily Davis, BEA Work Force Coordinator, Review the Past School Year at Monday Night’s School Board Meeting

It was a recurring theme Monday night’s Blue Earth Area School Board meeting, a year in review.

Emily Davis, Work Force Coordinator, provided a summary of events and activities during her Year in Review presentation.  Davis provided examples of several activities facilitated throughout the year, which included the “Game of Life” for 5th and 6th grade students, a large event designed to show cost differential between urban rural living.  Also, Davis spoke about the “Big Ideas” trailer, an interactive technical job training experience for grades 8-12.

Additionally, Davis said that the Work Force Program was involved in several small career exploration field trips in place of one entire day, with student visiting the Blue Earth Police Department, Fairmont Opera House, Minnesota State University – Mankato Healthcare Day and the Faribault County Highway Department.  Davis says that plans for next year’s activities include a health science academy developed through partnerships with UHD and St. Luke’s which will, by the end of program, enable students to take the CNA course and enter the work force nearly immediately.