B.E. Council Selects Dan Ristau to Fill Open Council Seat, Hears from Business Owners About Main Street Parking

Starting off Monday night’s, Blue Earth City Council meeting, Dan Ristau was selected to fill the open seat left by last month’s resignation of Glen Gaylord.  Ristau was the only person to submit an application for the seat and was unanimously approved by the board.

After Ristau was sworn in, the Council continued their meeting and heard from a number of concerned Main Street Business Owners who were interested in changing the parking between 7th and 8th streets from parallel to angle parking.  City Engineer Wes Brown was on hand and explained why that would not be possible due to several factors, including state setback requirements and the difficult variance request process.

The Council also heard from City Administrator Mary Kennedy, who advised the Council that the deadline for the Council to raise their salary was this year, as it coincides with the election year cycle. 

The Council ultimately decided not to increase their salary.