B.E. Council Hears Proposal for Liquor Store Updates and Holds 1st Reading of Chicken Ordinance Change

During Monday night’s Blue Earth City Council meeting, the Council heard from Liquor Store Manager Dave Olson regarding a proposal to reconfigure and remodel the check out counters.  Olson stated that it’s been 17 years since the building was completed and that a few updates to the check out counters are needed.  Olson says he gathered input from employees and then offered 2 different layout change proposals.

Ultimately, the Council advised Olson to move forward with bids for both layouts and a bid for only replacing the counters, not modifying the layout.

The Council also heard the 1st reading of a change to the City’s Chicken Ordinance.  The change would allow residents whose neighbors refused to sign to allow the resident to house chickens on their property, to appeal directly to the Council, granting the Council the right to approve the permit request, regardless of their neighbor’s refusal.  The second reading of the ordinance and a public hearing for it will be held at the June 21st meeting.